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How to dampen door switches?

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Good Day folks, how can I reduce the switch rattle of my doors? The doors are dampened and the switches are the last thing to deal with. Its mostly on the driver side master switches.
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If it's the switch module. Wrap with cloth tape.
This. All the switches in my Toyota rattled like crazy. One layer of cloth tape and all is quiet.
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Edit: ^ He beat me to it.

Not cloth and tape… cloth tape. I use Tesa brand but I’m sure there’s others that work also.

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I have a couple rolls of that brand, it doesn't stick well. Under the hood I used Tesa 51035, it sticks well.

Good catch! I did a quick search saw the red on the inner band and copied the link. My bad… don’t use the stuff I linked.

For the record I use the legit Tesa tape. Here’s what the inside of the roll should look like…

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