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How to dampen door switches?

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Good Day folks, how can I reduce the switch rattle of my doors? The doors are dampened and the switches are the last thing to deal with. Its mostly on the driver side master switches.
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If it's the switch module. Wrap with cloth tape.
I wrapped and placed cloth tape on everything where 2 pieced of plastic touched or even got close. Went through 5 or so rolls and still not done.
The best stuff I have used is the OEM VW/BMW tape, but that stuff is expensive. I went through 3 rolls of that and switched to legit Tesa 51608 tape. Don't buy the fake stuff as it doesn't stick for 💩. I've been through 2 1/2 rolls of the 51608 and it sticks just fine.

What kind of cloth and tape? I hsVe some secondskin audio overkill 1/8 inch, however tape doesn’t reliably stick to it and it sucks trying to use CA super glue lol 😆
For sticking to Second Skin stuff, I use aluminum and Gorilla tape.
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Edit: ^ He beat me to it.

Not cloth and tape… cloth tape. I use Tesa brand but I’m sure there’s others that work also.

1 Inch x 49.2 ft Wire Harness Cloth Tape Wiring Harness Automotive Cloth Tape Noise Damping Heat Proof Adhesive Fabric Tape for Automotive Electrical Wrap Protection Insulation Cable Fixed (2 Rolls)
I have a couple rolls of that brand, it doesn't stick well. Under the hood I used Tesa 51035, it sticks well.

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How do you know if it’s legit Tessa tape brand? They all seem to say they’re Tessa tape on amazon lol. Similar prices too kind of
You have to check the description. It will say genuine Tesa with the number. The 2 links I posted are the real deal as I have bought both of those. When you get it, it will say Tesa on the inner sleeve, if it doesn't, send it back. The 2 links I posted should be real, they were when I bought from them.
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thank you for your time Bob, it is much appreciated. I used to think Tessa tape was only for a semi effective wiring heat shield solution or Somethjng. But now i know I can use it for the door switch rattles which are plenty in a modern Jeep suv.

The links to amaze are real by the way, thanks again.
For rattle isolation, use the 51608 cloth tape. You can look at my build log for how I use it.
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