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Why do even order distortions sound pleasing? Music theory come in handy to explain this.

Because it’s a octave above the fundamental tone, so even order distortion is “playing” the same note, 12 Simi tones above the fundamental tone.

Basically even order distortion is “playing” (If you will) in key….and sounds like a thickening of the tone,
Guitar players thicken tracks by doing the same thing…

Odd order distortion is out of key… not pleasing at all,

Intermodulation distortion is something that made sense to me when using distortion boxes on the guitar,
If you play single notes, it sounds great, play a cord….it sounds like crap…

Stevie ray von’s tone was a guitar tone I have spent years trying obtain in building amps and distortion boxes, the thing about his tone is that although distorted and bluesy sounding, played cords with great definition…

Then again I could be full of crap….
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