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Tommorrow i will be resetting my gains, get rid of tweeter gain hiss, trying to get more dynamics, lower noise floor, and overall louder ability to play.

I have the AutoSound 2000 Amp setting CD which has Test tones on it at 0db IIRC they are 50hz, 400hz, 1k, and 4k. I have a 3way Sub, Midbass, and Tweet driver active off of my 8053. Respective ranges are 0-63hz/18db, 63hz/6db-2.5k/18db, 3.15k/18db on up. What should be the test tones that i play for each set of amp channels, to get the Setting as perfect as i can. And to properly hear any form of distortion. I will be setting my 8053 at 78/80, right now its at 60/80 and not really that loud, should i keep my xover settings the same on the HU staying in 3way, and single out each individual set of channels and set the gains on them, listening for distortion, or should i disable any xover filters and strickly have the amps play full range, basicaly taking my HU from Pro mode to regular. Though i'd be worried that my tweets can't handle the low info at the loud volume if they had any going through it.

I'm trying to set my gains as perfect as i can with my ears, would love to set them with an osc. but i don't have one so cout that out.

What would be an indepth, more than Dangs guide, to using the proper Frequencies as well as the -db tones and such to get a very high dynamic ability and very low noise floor. As that is my main problem right now, Lack of overall loudness without going above my initial HU setting, and keeping any form of hiss from my Tweeters, and the rest of the system in general.

What would be a step by step with the tones, and where should my sub output setting be for the sub channel, 0-16? I've heard 16, and i've heard 8 to be able to adjust it accordingly, which is it.

Sorry if this is noobish, i am happy with my settings right now but am missing alot of dynamics and overall loudness ability and getting gain hiss still.


EDIT: Oh yea and my amps put out 82x4 @ 4ohms, and 500x1 @ 4ohms. Mids and tweet are @ 8ohms, sub is 4ohms. Amps max input is 5V HU's output is 8V, how do i get these proportional with the 3v difference, never understood that.
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