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So, here is my situation. I have a JL 1000/1 for a 13W7AE. Also have 2 JL 450/4's. My speakers are as follows. 3 way CDT components, ES series, 6.7" midbass, 3" midrange, 1" tweeters. Have the CDT ES300CC passive crossover for them. Also have a pair of CDT ES-06 midbass and 8 " TC Sounds custom one-off midbass(not sure of specs). Also have a pair of 10W3V3's I'd like to use too. The 3 way set will be installed with the 3"mids and tweets into A-pillar pods and the midbass into the kickpanels. The CDT ES-06 will be installed into well-deadened doors. The TC Sounds 8" and the 10w3v3's will be installed directly behind the seats(2 seater 1986 300zx) into a "half wall" with each speaker in its own sealed chamber. The 13W7AE will be installed in a spec-ported enclosure facing the rear of the car. There will be a false floor put down in the rear from directly behind the seats all the way to the very back of the car. The amps will be installed on the top of the enclosure for the 8" and 10W3V3's with the 1000/1 in the middle and a 450/4 angled on each side of the 1000/1. Plan to have a space under the amps, out of sight that will house the 3 batteries(2×Kinetik HC600'S and 1 Kinetik HC1400). There will also be a large deep cycle RV/Marine battery installed under the hood of the car.

The 450/4 amps are rated at 150×2 and 75×2. Any suggestions for setting them up?
Can I use the passive xovers and only use the midrange and tweeter portion and leave the midbass outputs empty? And use the 150×2 channels active on the CDT ES6 and ES-06? Then use the other 450/4 using the 150×2 channels on the 10w3v3's and the 75×2 channels on the TC Sounds 8" midbass? If I use the RCA outputs on the 1000/1 on HP at 55hz and have them going into the second 450/4 channels 3&4 and have that xover set to LP at 250hz, would that effectively make those channels bandpass from 55hz to 250hz for the TC Sounds 8"? I also have some other amps(Pheonix Gold ZX200, 2×Rockford Punch 600.4's) that I can use if it makes installing and configuring easier. Also have an American Bass 3 way electronic crossover that could be used as well if needed. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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