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I've always been meaning to replace my current center channel with a nicely built MTM setup. Here's my current setup in my basement:

Overall Setup:

Main L & R - Dayton BR-1S (6.5" Classic 8-ohm & 1 1/8" Classic Tweet, both shielded)
Center - Dayton Home Theater Center Channel (3" mids (2) and tweets)
Surround - Dayton Home Theater Satellites (3" mid and tweet)
Subwoofer: Dayton Classic 10" ----Tuned to ??? I forgot....20's ish if I recall correctly.


I've always wanted to upgrade my center's just not large enough and the voicing is not matched up to my main speakers. I've decided to stick with the Dayton classic components for this setup.....three reasons...they perform very well, look very nice, and are pretty cheap. Plus, having the center to match up with the main L & R will make level matching that much easier....


Woofer - (2) Dayton Classic 6 1/4 Shielded (4 ohm), I bought the 4ohm by accident. i"m going to try it and see how it goes. I can't imagine there being a huge difference between the 8 ohm and 4 ohm version. The load will remain the same at 8 ohms to the crossover in either case at 8 ohms, but who knows.

Tweeter - (1) Dayton Classic 1 1/8" Shielded Tweeter

On to the is a pretty simple build. I've decided that with my setup, I want the center channel to also have my TV sitting on top. The major reason for this is because the walls in my basement are sheetrock with metal studs, so adding significant weight to the walls is not an option. Another reason is because any center channel I build will not fit nearly as well on my TV stand. Also, a side benefit of having the TV stand on top of the box will also be to keep the box resonance down.

The box is actually a pretty decent sized box. Outside dimensions are 32" Width, 8" Height, and 14" depth. Internal volume is about 1.4 Cu. Ft. I also figured that having a nicely sized box will reduce the necessity to port the center channel. I do have a picture of a port, but I bought this just in case. I'd like to go full range with this center, but if necessary, I'd like to keep the crossover as low as possible.

Here's what I got done today.


I plan to put a nice black grill to cover the front, along with spikes on the bottom of the box to help plant the box.

As for my progress on the box, cutting MDF is not completely my forte. The box does not look perfect by any means, but it is pretty solid. I had to do a bit of internal bracing, I think two of these should suffice to hold the weight of the TV on top.

Also, I took pictures of the Dayton 5 1/4". I don't plan to use these in the box, they are just to give an indication of the looks. However, I do plan to mount these sometime in the ceiling. Where you see the satellites, I would love to mount these free air in between the ceiling beams...I was also thinking of going tweeterless for the rear satellites....although adding a tweet in the rear would not be a huge deal if need be. last TV fried...make sure to ALWAYS use a proper and working surge protector!!!!!!!! I got effed by lightning.

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Interested to see more of this. Would like to do something similar in my basement.
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