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Hummer H1 rear seat bases as Subwoofer enclosures- how would I make an enclosure out of this aluminum riveted container box?

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Looking for all possible opinions- so I would really like to use the rear side seat base area on each side of my Hummer H1 open top as the space to place 10" subwoofers, one on each side. I have bought a seat base locking container box made of aluminum plate that gets riveted together and is intended to be used as a locking container that replaces this part of some Humvees. My Hummer is an H1 so this is an aftermarket piece I would like to use as a subwoofer enclosure to hold either a pre-made box from JL Audio, Alpine, or some other maker, or have a custom enclosure made that will hold a 10" driver in a sealed enclosure.

I have attached some photos here, as you can see the box is slightly irregular in shape as it fits in an odd space that is not completely flat or square. Also, the box rivets to the floor and does not have a plate across the bottom, is open in the back across the width of the box. It also has an oval opening in the front and a smaller circular opening on the side.

My plan with this thing regardless of what kind of subwoofer enclosure I have is to have the entire thing welded on all the seams to make it more rigid and cleaner, and not rely on the rivets to hold it together. Also, I will then have it powder coated a matte black. When it is completed and installed, it will get riveted to the body of the truck like the current 5/8" tubular seat bracket is now, or maybe bolted down. Either way It will be covered in OEM-style black marine-grade automotive carpet to look as OEM and clean as possible.

I am looking for opinions on whether to have someone mount a pre-made enclosure with a 10" driver in it within the space of this box, or to have the entire box custom finished as a subwoofer enclosure, which I assume would mean using MDF and / or fiberglass to make something original. I do not have the skills to build an original box from scratch, so I will be taking these ideas to someone to do it if that seems like the best option. Mounting a pre-made box I think I can do myself... maybe not, but I am up for trying.

Sound Quality and overall bass hit is important to me, but I do not think I can get larger than two 10"s as I have an open-top truck, not a wagon. That also means the truck is very noisy at speeds compared with an enclosed hard top or wagon would be. But even a sa wagon, these are extremely loud vehicles inside. The noise floor of a Hummer H1 is ridiculous, this subwoofer enclosure placement would be done after a complete sound-deadening treatment is going to be done on the body and a new interior including new black Marine-grade carpet laser cut to size and the lower interior panels being wrapped in thin sound absorption material and that same black marine-grade carpet. The higher interior pieces are going to be covered in leather, but I like the idea of carpet on pieces that will more likely touch someone's feet.

The seat base itself is structurally designed to hold a seat and keep it properly mounted for the truck according to current safety standards, so I don't think I can cut in to the base too much, I already looked in to the idea of cutting a panel how din one side so an Alpine 10" shallow enclosure could fit there, but I decided against it because the metal is needed to support the seat. Unless someone on here has thoughts on how to mitigate the loss of structural integrity in an aluminum enclosure like this by adding aluminum material, bracing, etc., I don't think the seat base can have any large openings cut in to it.

Please, give me any thoughts, opinions, direction, etc. in this project. Thank you.

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Couple questions / comments:
1. Do you want the box removable? I ask as this would require the box to be small enough to exit one of the openings. If so, that limits you to a box 16" x 10.75" x 13" (roughly from the pictures). Taking away 1.5" for wood width, that leaves 14.5 x 9.25 x 11.5 = 1542.4375 in^2 or ~.9 ft^3. You should be able to find many subs to fit that. This is probably the easiest route as it doesn't entail any funky angles

1a. There are some box builders on either ebay or facebook (I think) that will build you something "custom" if you send dimensions. I don't know who they are, but you might be better off finding a local shop if you aren't comfortable building a rectangular box yourself. If you tell us where you're located, someone might be able to make a suggestion.

2. If you want maximum airspace and don't care about removing it, you can probably get another .25 ft^3 (total guestimate). Up to you if that would be important. Might be easier to have your subs play lower, but the built complexity and cost will drive up.

3. DEFINITELY have the boxes welded. Rivets are fine, but with bass bouncing around in there, it's bound to rattle.

4. Sound treat the shizzle out of the interior of the aluminum to avoid rattles.

5. H1 Hummers are cool. 👊 😆

I am certainly not an expert and there are many WAY more talented and knowledgable people on here that can probably advise you better, but this is my best guess without having the piece in my hands
Thank you!

1. I do not need the box to be removable.

1a. I am in Orange County, California- near Mission Viejo, Irvine, Anaheim, San Clemente- would love a recommendation in this area.

2. Yeah I want to maximize airspace.

3. OK done.

4. Oh yeah- was planning on coating the inside with a stick-on rubber / aluminum material like dynamite.

5. Yes they are! It's like driving a clunky aircraft carrier... :)
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