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I installed a second amplifier in my 2009 Honda Civic and everything was working fine until yesterday.

All of a sudden, I turned the car on and my sub and front components have a horrible buzz coming out of them (~50Hz).

If I turn on my headlights to position 2, which invokes the lights on the license plate, then the humming stops. My amps are grounded to the same point on the chassis, a bolt that came stock and has the license plate lights and 2 more things grounded there.

I paid somebody to install my HU and it seems they're using the stock location to ground the HU and I think this is where the ground loop is happening. I've tried moving cables but to no avail. If I unplug the RCAs, the noise stops so it's obviously from the HU.

Can I use a 16-gauge or 12-gauge cable, solder it to the ground on the back of the head unit and ground it to the same spot where my amps are grounded?

That would be a 16 ft long ground and I don't know if that's ill advised. I don't know where I could ground it to the chassis near the head unit, I have no damn room and I don't want to take everything out again.
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