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I have some Hybrid Audio Legatia L3SEs and L1 Pros for sale. The speakers are in good condition and in perfect working order and comes with the original box.

As you already know the quality of build with Hybrid Audio sound of these speakers is great, this is the top range from Hybrid Audio.
Reluctant sale due to other commitments.

The Legatia L3SE is a 93mm (3.7-inch) “small format” wide-bandwidth midrange/full-range driver to compliment both two-way and three-way system designs, where a point-source midrange and/or full-range driver is required. The following are the L3SE’s design attribute

The Legatia L1 Pro R2 is a 58mm (2.3-inch) O.D. “low resonance” wide-bandwidth tweeter driver to compliment both two-way and three-way system designs, where a super high-end tweeter driver is required. It is a 25mm (1-inch) ring radiator-type tweeter, which is the desired diameter for aplomb performance and class-leading polar response, having an extended linear response and exceptional transient response. The design offers a wide dispersion pattern to make for flexible on- and off-axis installation and speaker locations.

More details can be found here Legatia L6SE 7.1-inch Midrange/Midbass - Hybrid Audio Technologies

Condition of all items:

In immaculate condition, like new in box with instructions. 8.5/9.0 out of 10

Total Price: :

$500 USD insured and shipped to USA
$700 CAN insured and shipped to CANADA

Shipping Terms: :

The price includes Shipping already. I supply tracking numbers and insure the item to its full value. I ship worldwide. Many on here will vouch for me, as I have sent to all over USA, Canada, France, Malaysia, Taiwan etc, with NO issues. I ship the day after I receive payment, or the same day (dependent upon the time, earlier being better).

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If anyone wants to contact me (ask questions or want more photos etc etc), my email is [email protected], or pm me or just reply on thread.


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