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ok so i think this is advanced enough for this forum. heres my problem

I own a 2001 Audi A6, with a bose symphony stereo which i seemed to have murdered. i took it apart and now it doesnt power up. if someone knows ways to trouble shoot that that would be the best solution for me.

so for now i have a stock 1997 ford f150 radio, im sure i can get it to work but i dont have the stock harness nor do i want to buy one, because its only going in the car for a little bit.

i need the pinout for the plugs on the back of a F75F-19B132-AA not the colors idc about them i need to know what pin does what so i can jumper between my audi harness which is staying and the back of this thing. even the pinout for the stock harness would help i just cant find either and ive looked for quite a while. :bomb::bomb:

thanks, btw im not retarded i know electronics and id rather not hear questions about why, i know its a dumb idea but i dont have the 700ish to buy a replacement right now and im going nuts with no music at all.
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