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I am a complete novice at car audio. I’m looking for some feedback/ ideas on a new set up. I have a 2000 Honda Accord I installed a system in shortly after purchasing the car. I would like to improve on what I currently have. My #1 priority is SQ. My #2 priority is simplicity with functionality (i.e. I want a very clean look and want to be able to use my trunk).


My current system set up is as follows:

Head Unit: Eclipse 8053
Amp: Helix HXA500Q (For the entire system)
Frontstage: Dynaudio System 220 MKII set
Rear Fill: Dynaudio System 220 MKII set
Subwoofer: Alumapro Alchemy 10”

Equipment I have available to use in addition to what is currently installed:

Amps: (1) Genesis Dual Mono Extreme (DMX);
(1) Genesis Dual Mono (DM200) [This is an older model Genesis; I can’t seem to find much info about this amp. Any information provided would be greatly appreciated.
(1) DLS A3.
(1) Helix A4 Competition.

Sub: (1) Alumapro Alchemy 10” sub (I have two, but only will use one).

Speakers: Dynaudio System 242GT set

Tweeters: (1) pair Morel MT-23

Eclipse Balanced Line Adaptor (BLA 3901)

Possible acquisition: 5 Channel Amp (DLS RA50 or DLS A7 or maybe a Zapco Reference DC650.6)


For my new set up, I would like to run my system active, but I still can't get my head fully wrapped around what equipment is needed, or if my gear will cater to an active set up. If I can avoid using more than three amplifiers while still maintaining good sound quality and achieving an active set up, this would be great. However if I have to add more gear, I will be content with a passive set up.

For my new system I’m thinking about using the following:

Head Unit: Eclipse 8053 (w/ BLA 3901)
Front Stage: Dynaudio System 242GT (I’m thinking of replacing the Dynaudio MD 102 tweeters from this set with the Morel MT-23 tweets)
Rear Fill: Dynaudio System 220 MKII
Sub: Alumapro Alchemy 10”

Amp Front Stage: Genesis DMX (To power the Dynaudio 162MW)
Amp Rear Fill: DLS A3 or possible 5 channel amp (to power the Dynaudio 150 MWs). I’m thinking I can bridge the 5 channel amp (RA50 or D7) so that I can have two stereo channels and one subwoofer channel.

Amp for Tweeters: Helix A4 Competition OR HXA500Q


1) Can I run my system active with the current gear and set up I’m proposing?

2) Would a bridged 5 channel Amp (DLS RA50 or D7) yield enough clean power while maintaining good SQ? I’m leaning more towards the RA50 because of the smaller footprint. I also have availability to a Zapco Reference DC650.6 – however, this amp has a large footprint as well.

3) Would there be a noticeable Sound Quality difference in a bridged DLS RA50 vs. DLS D7?

Thanks for your help!
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