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but apparently I never registered; It seems like I've lurked for 15 years now. Regardless, I'm a middle aged car guy that's also into home/car audio. Lots of home and car audio DIY stuff, electrical repair, low level circuit design. I originally got into car audio in the mid-90s and it would seem that I am very much an SQ guy.

Car audio wise i'm pretty mild as weight and simplicity have always driven my design philosophy. Typically I'll run front components and a single 8-10" sub, sometimes rear fill with mids. Typically I've run some type of DSP and active crossover with the exception of the components which typlically run passive crossovers. In the home area I have done some cool stuff; tapped horn subwoofer, 2 way active line array speakers for 2 channel stereo, lots of DML stuff (which is near reference grade for pennies FYI), lots of traditional speaker and sub design/build.

I have a couple of vintage systems that need reworked so I'm here to see whats new and will head over to the system design forum shortly. I have no experience in the class D car audio world nor with a lot of the current brands. I will be replacing an older XTANT x3300 in a 911 than needs repairing and possibly replacing a JL Audio 450/4v2 in a C5 Corvette with a 5-6 channel amp to go full active with the crossovers.... actually that car will likely get new everything.

Anyway, that's my "introductions", thanks for the help so far!

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After 15 years you're not a lurker! More like a voyeur!!!
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