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I was asked to list an IASCA competition car for a close friend of mine. The car was purchased in 1996 to be a competition only car. It was not and has never been a daily driven car since my friend bought it. It was only driven to IASCA events and competed in over 30 IASCA events and finals since 1997. In 2003 it placed 7th in the bonus round at SVR. Its last show was the 2004 IASCA finals where it placed 4th in the Pro Street class. The owner is selling the car with complete working competition system and all related audio and automotive equipment. The owner is selling the car due to unexpected family commitments and duties.

1992 Chevy Lumina Z34

Bright red with light grey cloth interior

Extensive damping throughout the whole car with Dynamat, B-Quiet, and other damping products. Every interior panel has been treated with multiple damping materials and damping techniques.

Head unit: Sony CDX-C90
Processors: Sony XDP-4000X and a/d/s/ digital 30 band eq
The computer program and all custom settings for the 4000X comes with the car but the owner’s laptop computer used with the 4000x does not. The a/d/s/ digital eq was only installed in the system due to sponsorship commitments. I don’t think it was hooked up.
Front Speakers: a/d/s/ 335i 6.5” and tweeters
Rear Speakers: none
Subs: a/d/s/ 312.2 12” subs in an extremely well built custom sealed enclosure.
Amps: two a/d/s/ 4x100 amps plus one spare (I forgot the model number)
Fiber optic cable: Kimber OPT-1
RCAs: Kimber Hero
Speaker wire: Kimber 8TC

The car was sponsored by a/d/s in 2003. All the a/d/s/ equipment was made before the DEI buyout (therefore it is original a/d/s/ equipment).

The installation book for IASCA competition comes with the car. All other installation materials (pictures, material samples, ect..) also come with the car.

The owner can have some top IASCA competitors and judges that have heard and judged the car comment to its sound quality and installation. The car and system are together and ready for competition.

The car has been treated with the best care and maintenance. It was garaged for the majority of the time since 1997. When it was not garaged it sat under a carport to protect it from the elements. It has about 60,000 miles. The owner put new tires on it about a year ago. The radiator and cooling system was flushed and new coolant added this year. The owner has new front struts that had not been installed yet and he will include them in the sale. Any other parts, new or original that goes with the car will be included.

Pics: Most of the pictures of the interior and the system have been removed from the cardomain site but the owner will e-mail the pictures to anyone interested.

Asking price: $4000

The owner has some equipment left from the original 1997 system that he might include for an additional price: Alpine 7909e, Alpine Digimax 1310 changer controller, Alpine 5959s CD changer, Veritas horns with Radian drivers, three PPI Art Series amps (I think two A100s and one A200) that have been chromed, re-silkscreened in red by PPI to match the car, and modified by PPI for liquid cooling, PPI noisegate, and a Cerwin Vega Stroker 15”.

Anyone interested can contact me at cmusic at foothills dot net and I will forward your e-mail onto the owner.

Chuck Music
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