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IB or smaller sealed box.

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I've been all over the map for sub driver considerations. Going back and forth between dual shallow 8's like SWS-8xi, dual CDT 6x9s, cutting the back door like crazy for a Alping type R 8 ... etc. Like I said, been all over the map.

I am ready to just do something!!!

last question before I jump in,

Considering I am buying a driver that the vendor says is IB compatible but is recommended for a small enclosure, which would be the best option.

Take the EarthQuake SWS-8xi, for example.
It states it can run free air, but also states that the recommended enclosure size is .2 cubic feet. If I created a shallow box I might be able to squeeze .30-.35 for two of these.


I could just build a show box overtop of the hole in the rear door that the stock 6.5s are installed into. This would let them move free air into the volume of the door.

Which would be the best way to go. A smaller than suggested sealed enclosure or a free air application?

This is the hole they will be going over

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Greger, not sure if you know but this is for his rear cargo door, not front doors. He is looking for a sub to put back there.

I say stick with your 2 8's sealed.
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