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I am looking to install IB in the rear deck of my beater car. Single woofer. Not expecting much, just need to fill in for 5.25 front speakers. Probably crossover 100-150 hz. The specs are very similar with the Audax having more power handling and the JL 11 Hz lower FS.

The amp is rated for 300W into 4 Ω so I should have more than enough power. I am really not interested in adding additional subs and the trunk is small so an enclosure is prohibitive. And this is just a cheap and sleazy install anyway.

Any opinion on which one might work better as an IB sub in the rear deck? I am leaning towards the JL but I got the Audax so cheap I would like to use it if the performance would be similar. Would the FS of 49 Hz make a huge difference?

JL 10IB4
FS 37.5 Hz
Qts (total speaker “Q”): 0.77
Qes (electrical “Q”): 0.84
Qms (mechanical “Q”): 9.40
Vas (equivalent compliance): 82.9 l
Xmax (linear excursion one-way): 7.6 mm
Effi ciency (1W/1m)*: 89.0 dB
Sd (effective piston surface area): 0.0334 m2
Re (DC resistance): 7.20 Ω
Znom (nominal impedance): 8 Ω
Pt (continuous thermal power handling): 100 Watts

Audax HT240G0
Power handling: 160 watts RMS * Voice coil diameter: 1.5" * Le: .67 mH * Nominal impedance: 4 ohms * DC resistance: 2.9 ohms * Frequency range: 49-1,150 Hz * Fs: 48.9 Hz * SPL: 92 dB 2.83V/1m * Vas: 1.27 cu. ft. * Qms: 10.01 * Qes: .72 * Qts: .67 * Xmax: 7mm
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