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Ok, in my search for a very nice, relatively shallow component set, I've come across many speakers I've never looked at, as well as a few brands I never heard of.

My previous post inquiring about shallow mount components:

Now I started a new thread, so I could get specific feedback, hopefully, about this DLS product, the UR6S component set.

My only limitation is that I'm giving my speaker choice a $300 budget and a maximum mounting depth of 2.5", as was stated in my other post. This is why you don't see the Iridium 6.2 in the thread title or other very good, deeper sets. However, I did find that the UR6S model is available within my $300 range and within the 2.5" depth limitation.

So, what are your comments on these speakers?

Now, have a look in my linked post prior to commenting please. My main curiousity is how they compare to the others. As this is DLS's 2nd best component set, seemingly at least, I'd expect a very good contender for an outstanding component set.

How do they stack up to the likes of PG's Elite set? Now, it seems PG's Elite Ti6 Comp set is being discontinued and replaced by their Xenon line instead, also called Elite. I've heard they're close to the Ti6 Comp set, but not quite. However, for a price tag of $100, they may be the best bargain out there. Also, in terms of bargain, suggest other DLS models that I may be looking over that would offer a better bang for the buck than the UR6S(or UR6 for that matter). For example, I was initially looking at the PS6 for it's slim from and price of around $150. Does the difference in price outweigh a mild performance drop to constitute, say, getting the PS6 over the UR6S? Would the Xenon(or insert other comp set here) sloughter them all, and for $100 I'd be insane to pass them up?

I'm trying to get a good idea as to who is the leader in the high end comp battle as well as getting to grips with purchasing a cost effective solution. Basically, who's best and if I can buy a comp set for $100 that's 90% of the $300, why would I buy the $300 set?

I'm sorry this mixes speaker models beyond the thread title, but my main focus in on the DLS UR6S(or UR6) and how much better it is from the PS6 and any other models I've been looking at. The PG Xenon is a new mention, but it seems the Ti6 Comp Elites are becoming pretty much extinct and unfindable, so the Xenons seem to be my new PG choice, apparently still at the 2.5" mark with the rubber magnet cover off, so I've read.

Ok, I'm babbling, so I'll stop. Comment away please. :D
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