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I started working on my sub box today for my Tempest in my tC, and its coming along pretty good. I still have a few more days on it easy....

Right now my box is still in its beginning stages but its slowly coming together, as i'm thinking, could be way off, that the box should be around 4cf possibly larger when all is said and done. And i am trying to decide (depending on the size it ends up being (can't really tell how large its gonna be because its a very odd shape, and 1/2 of it will be fiberglass.)) if i will be porting or sealing it in the end. I think if it comes out to be around 4-4.5cf that i may possibly tune it with a pair of 4" ports down to around 22hz, (not exactly sure on that tuning still running different graphs and such), or possibly leaving it sealed at that size. I'm trying to get my F3 down as low as i can possibly get, hopefully lower than 30hz. But i worry about how much my car's gain is going to mess with my tuning. I would love to be able to tune the box to my car's interior and have the natural gain in the lowest octaves come into play, but i'm not sure at all if any how to pull that off.

This install is VERY SQ oriented so very smooth deep extension is wanted.

All dependant on my ending volume what size and tunings would you all suggest, this is a 15" Tempest, the older versions, and i have 500rms on tap @ 4ohms.

Suggestions please for those who have used them extensivly.
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