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SO I got a bargain priced 12 incher and have a few questions.

First I wanna say I had 2 10 inchers IDQv2 subs.
They were very high in SQ. But the SPL wasnt there.
Still, I was curious about the V3 series so when I saw this one I had to get it cause i was a steal.

Now. Heres my questions. I notice this sub can be reconed right outta the box. No special tools to do it either.
WHen I got the sub UPS did a great job of dumping almost all the packaging out and the sub was tossed around like a cheap blunt on a hot summer night weekend in da ghetto.

I looked at it and it seemed to be n good shape. No dents. Then I pushed on the cone. I got the rub.. O lord :mean:
I noticed screws all around this thing. I started unsrewing everything and found that the surround is held in place by a trim ring that is screwed into place. Then I noticed the entire cone including the spider and speaker terminals are one piece and actually are held into place with more screws.

Now, I gotta say to me this way of having the cone set in place is kinda crappy. I cant tell wth Im doing when it comes to aligning it. In fact there is no aligning it. You gotta just place it back in and screw it back all together and hope it realigns.
Well thats my question.. Am I right about just screwing it back and allowing it to self align by way of just simply screwing it back in place properly?
It seems to me the voice coil is sitting in gap with very very little space to work with. Ive heard that these have rub issues.
That is my next question. Is that a myth or is that true?
I can see why its true if it is cause the way this series is built, it dont take much to offset the voice coils alignment. Nothing is glued together.
I never seen a sub built like this. I dont think its the best method IMO.

What kinda SQ should I expect outta this thing? Spider is tight. No sagging.
Seems I aligned it back properly cause I get no rub now unless I push one side of the cone in more than the other.
Is this series all its cracked upto be? I cant believe it looking at how its built.

What type enclosure should I go with? The recommended in the sheet it comes with or something bigger maybe?

If this thing sounds as good as people say then I got a hell of a deal.
If I ever fry the coil how much is a new recone kit?

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re-aligning it is pretty simple. cut some plastic strips and insert them in the mag gap with the VC. Eric Stevens said that plastic the thickness of about a 3 ring binder works. once the VC and cone are in place, tighten all the screws and pull out the plastic strips. Et viola!

recone kits are about $100

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Ok . So I took it apart again and used some home made shims.
Thanks for the vids cause I def needed it.
I put it all back together.
Man this thing is nice.

I got it for almost free. It was a display unit.
I think, after playing with it, I can assume with good intent Ill be buying another one.
You cant beat the sound. Well not for what it sells for.
And then to add to that I can buy a new cone and voice coil for a C note if I burn it or just need to go a different ohm load.

I was skeptical when taking it all apart. I was thinking there had to be more and it wouldnt handle the power... HA!
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