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Hey, I was just browsing for some info, came across a thread here, and saw a few familiar faces. I just figured i would drop in and see what you guys got going here.

I am an old school CAFer, back when there was intelligent discussion there. I am trying to revive the discussion, but there is a massive lack of intelligence to support said discussion :rolleyes:

Let's see, vehicle 1 is a Buick Grand National with Cadence power (Q3000 and Z7000HC) Adire speakers (Koda6.1 and Brahma 12), Pioneer Source, and a lot of deadening.

Current vehicle under construction is a LeSabre, CDT components (ES-062i Golds), Adire Subs (Koda10s), Cadence Power (FXA-5100) and Pioneer source.

Discuss my a$$holism here please!
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