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Product: Image Dynamics IDMAX 15" Driver
Model #: "IDMAX15v4D2"
Author: OneSpiritBrain (Michael)
Credentials: Eyes and ears for quality, love for the audible world, love for car audio, passionate love for music production, 6 years working with industrial electricity, and loads of effort put in to being as knowledgeable about car audio as possible.

The IDMAX is well known for it's ability to accurately reproduce sub frequency bass at high output levels. It, along with every Image Dynamic product, is also known to be a quality piece of equipment that one can rely on performing. The IDMAX15 has been in the works for a very long time and it is finally here. On a personal level the IDMAX means a lot to me. It was the first SQ sub I bought after becoming interested in SQ over SPL. I looked for the "best SQ sub ever" and the searched yielded fine results; the IDMAX. It continued to embolden my switch from SPL oriented setups to SQ oriented setups therefor it holds a special place in my heart.

First Impressions:
Holy hell the damn thing weighs a ton...! and the box is huge! Haha no but really the thing weighs 44lbs without the packaging which I'd say weighs at least 10lbs (well exactly 12.5lbs). I am going to commentate the photos which cover most everything so read on.

Posted Technical Specs:

IMP:.. Dual 2 Ohm Nominal Impedance
Re:... 1.4 Ohms DC Resistance
Fs:... 29.9 Hz Resonant Frequency
Qes:.. .65 Electrical “Q”
Qms:.. 1.87 Mechanical “Q”
Qts:.. .48 Total “Q”
Vas:.. 3.67 cuft(104.03 liters) Equivalent Volume
Xmax:. 44 mm Peak Excursion
Sd:... 934.79 cm2 Piston Area
SPL:.. 88.20 dB Sensitivity w/m
BL:... 17.36 Tm Force Factor
Pwr:.. 1200 RMS Power

Speaker Dimensions/Volume:

Speaker displacement:.. 0.26 cuft (7.36 liters)
Mounting Depth:........ 264 mm (10.40 in)
Cut Out Diameter:...... 376 mm (14.80 in)
Screw Hole Diameter:... 394 mm (15.52 in)
Outside Diameter:...... 412 mm (16.22 in)

I'm not going to include the box response curves as one should always use WINSID to calculate curves on a box you build yourself anyway.

Got mine on CACO! The Soundworks (AWESOME SELLER)


Okay on to the good stuff!

The new box looks sharp! Black satin finish with some brief info on the IDMAX and Image Dynamics

Something I noticed upon opening the boxes was that the spec sheet and foam seals were placed neatly in the box. This testifies to the attitude I believe exists at Image Dynamics where every aspect of what they are doing is important and done nicely and carefully.

There was actually a third box bigger than these two.

Everything used for protection during shipment. Beefy!

Good pic of the unique single layer spyder. Neat material!

I really love the exclusion of chrome and the black basket! I love the sexiness of this woofer.

You see how the wings of the emblem on the cone are aligned with the VC leads. That just screams "I CARE ABOUT THIS THING!!!" to me :)

Clean glue lines and what seems to be even amounts of glue.

Here is the beautiful 4-layer flat copper wire wound aluminum(I THINK) voice coil. Coil resistance measured 1.4-1.9ohm
Okay so these are the problems I found. Keep in mind these are NOT cookie cutter pieces of equipment and are handcrafted here IN THE USA by people and not machines.

These small little chips are all that I could find, hah!

Okay so the terminal on the left sticks due to the terminal itself rubbing the basket. I would like to fix this. DonH did you do this???? hahahahahaha how neat to ask the man who crafted this thing! :)
I am going to go insane waiting to purchase the rest of what I need to get this guy oscillating! No really though, what a piece of artwork! Truly a sexy woofer. The physical quality is apparent and really nice. I am so glad I made this purchase! Now I just have to deal with waiting until tax season to complete this system...!

Please let me know if I made any mistakes and also if I left something out you would like to know about.


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Looks like a very nice driver. I am anxious to read reviews. I am sure there will be many ;)

What alignments do you plan on testing this driver OneSpiritBrain? A comparison between sealed and ported would be great!
Actually I do plan on making a removable baffle for the 4ft^3 @27hz box that I am going to build. I will see what I can do for a db meter so I can illustrate the curves. The IDMAX is going in my trunk so it will be a nice real world test for those who go the same route.

WOW!!! ABSOLOUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! Ordered 2 of them last week and scheduled to arrive on Thursday. Can't wait to hear your testimony as I've got a few questions that need answers and seeing as u may be up and running before me, it would be a great chance to see how they perform. Keep the info coming!
Like I said, it's going to be a while before I am able to purchase the rest of my system. I am sure you will be up and running before me unless your in the same boat.

As soon as I am up and running I will be sure to post my thoughts. Of course I will dedicate a thread to the build as well.
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