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I have a pair of IDQ31 equalizer for sale. I have not used them before. I don't need an EQ as of right now as I have more important things to worry about in my audio system than fine tuning (like getting rid of my damn resonance).

I bought them off of csuflyboy awhile ago for $250 shipped. I'm asking for $200 shipped now.

As far as I know, it should be working perfectly. The only thing though is that there are no top covers for the EQ. You can probably go to home depot or something and find metal sheet and then cut it to fit the EQ. Finally just paint them.

I really need to get them off my hands because they are sitting around doing nothing and most likely won't be in my system.

Do not ask me for pictures unless you are really consider buying them. I have over 10 people telling me they are interested, yet stopped contacting me after a few Emails. That is wasting my time and yours.

Thanks everyone!

-Henry, [email protected]
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