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Sorry to bump this old thread. I have been running my PXA-H100 with Imprint tunes for about 18 months with my front speakers on Passives, no rear speakers and subs. I was mostly happy with the sound, but felt if I went 3-way active I could improve it. 2 weeks ago I made the move to 3-way and have been fighting with the software and Error-2. I finally got the software to run on a different laptop, but there are no sounds when doing the measurements to rear speakers(tweeters). Fronts and subs function properly during the measurements. When I play music the tweeters function properly. The same problem the guy in the post below had. Just wondered if anyone else experienced this and had a solution. Thanks!

Every time I run the software it tunes the mids and makes an audible frequency (Front Right & Front Left) and lows (Subs and makes an audible frequency) and tunes them.

When it reaches the Rear Right and Rear Left (Highs/Tweeters) it produces no audible frequencies, does not tune, and does not acknowledge they exist.

The tweeters play from the PXA just fine so it's not like there isn't a signal going through them to the tweeters.

The RCA's are going from the "rear" output on the PXA to the rear input on the amp.
The 3 way switch is on. I also pulled the power and flicked the switch to 3 way before I plugged power back in.

I've even switched the RCAs for mids and tweets at the amp for kicks and it started to work on the front left tweeter and then I got an error. I believe it was a wrong setup error.

What's the deal? What am I doing wrong and why won't the software just acknowledge the presence of the tweeters?
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