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I have a quick question about Imprint... (I have PXA-H800)

What is the end result for Imprint? Is it "simply" time delay for every speaker and the 1/3 octave band EQ for every speaker? I'm asking if it is possible to get the exact same output from manually setting up the PXA-H800 with what Imprint does. I'm not talking about manually deriving every setting, but rather if Imprint does other DSP-ing things that the user does not have access to. ie, corrections in the time-domain.

I had some bad luck getting Imprint to work, so I just painstakingly set delays and EQ'ed (graphic) it myself because I'm able to measure 1/3 octave bands very easily. Then I was reading about Audyssey for home audio and it seems like Audysey actively corrects in the time domain (ie, more than just figuring out time delay/speaker distance)

So now I'm wondering if I'm missing out by not using Imprint if it can do time domain corrections that are impossible for me to measure and set myself.

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