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Hey Guys

I'm new to this forum and i just bought an imprint H100 and I was hopping i could get some help from you guys setting it up.

I have an Alpine X305S with imprint h100 in my 2006 Peugeot 206 xsi .i did the install myself and my set up is as i have mentioned below:

- Alpine X305s
- Alpine H100
- JBL Components in front doors 16 cm 40 watts
- JBL Components in Rear doors 13 cm 35 watts
- Focal Audio BUS 20 Active sub-woofer 50 watts

the JBL components are directly connected to the head unit . The RCA outputs from the imprint for front and rear are connected to RCA connections of the head unit and the head unit amplifier is being used . The Sub-Woofer is connected directly to the imprint unit .

So i did a calibration with the microphone , everything is OK but the bass is not loud enough.
when i was doing the calibration i did turn down the sub woofer gain to 1/4 . and turned it up again. also on the head unit the sub woofer output was set on 15 .

i did read the threads and i could not find the perfect answer that works with the bass.

what do you suggest i should do to bring the bass level and volume up after the calibration .
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