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Here you can see some pictures from inside of the Mosconi Zero 4 amplifier.
It incorporates AD8512 opamps for the input filter section and preamp section.

It also incorporates a well designed, powerful and efficient push-pull power supply stabilized with the famous SG3525A PWM controller.

Filippo Kania, a MOS designer who has devoted so much effort, by his own admission, to this particular model more than the others of the same line (Zero 3 and Zero 1). Precisely because, he has confessed, he paid more attention to the "musical character" of this amp than the other two amps

Mosconi Amps AS (Audio System) and Zero line series are an upgraded version of Italian Legend "Audio System Twister" amps designed by back then GT trading Corporation. Twisters and Steg amps were famous amps, made in Italy and loved by Europeans decades ago


1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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