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Install materials

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I'm not sure if this fits here, but I'm about to put in an order to PE and want to make sure I'm not forgetting anything important starting on my first install more than just a headunit. So I want to know what kind of smaller common items I might be forgetting so far, I got:
1. Disconnects (male and female, 50 each)
2. Cast frame 1/4"-20 speaker mounting kit (just for the 16 hex head cap screws to mount the sub and possibly another one down the road)
3. 1/4"-20 hurricane nuts 50 pc.
4. Assorted pack of heat shrink
5. 2 BT-90 speaker terminals
And of course a pair of mids and tweets

Speake wire is comin from
1/0 is comin from one of my buddies dads welding shop (for big 3 and a fun going to a dist block in the back)

Still need a fuse holder for under hood and dist blocks (prob just pick up a dual amp kit from knu or a PG off of ebay)

Anything else I might be forgetting that I should pick up from PE now?
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