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Intermittent Static from Tweets

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I am experiencing an intermittent static/scratchy sound from my tweets. My system is comprised of the following:
- Pioneer AVX4000 head unit w/ DVD bypass patch
- JL HD900.5
- Polk MM 6501 (front)
- Polk MM 651 (rear)
- JL 13TW5 Stealthbox
- JL Core Audio Connects RCA's
- Monster speaker wire (direct runs, no tapping factory wiring)

The system is all brand new including the wiring.

Again, I am hearing intermittent static from the tweets at all volume levels and all types of music. I have tried various grounding spots and the issue is still thee. I am running a 0ga to a distribution and a 4ga 6" power and ground for the 900.5. The Pioneer is soldered into the factory Ford power/ground that supplied the factory radio. Has anyone else experienced this type of issue? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Sounds like an rca issue
Sounds like an rca issue
Thanks for your help. I'll give a new rca a whirl. Have a great weekend.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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