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Inverted sub question

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Is there any rules set in stone about inverting a sub woofer other then polarity? To be more specific is there a rule that states how much space there has to be between the cone and the bottom of the enclosure? I will be running the DIYMA R12 and I feel the need to show the sexier side but I want to keep the sub under the factory floor line in the spare tire well and this will only leave me 1"-2" to fire the sub into. If any one has some insight to this it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Aron
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im very interested in this question too... anybody have info if that would affect the subs performance???
Thank you
Yes mabye I should have searched a lil harder. I did however search for Inverted sub, rules for inverted subs, and inverted sub mounting. I must have just checked the wrong forums. I did come across a ranger FX4 that had the DIYMA inverted but I don't recall if he commented on the final sound. I did come across Bings post when I searched but no pics came up.
Thanks Aron
Is this the auto dupe feature?
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