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New to the site, and in dire need of help.

I am building a new car audio setup in my Alfa Romeo 166, and because the original headunit is crap, I am running an iPad Mini to a HRT iStreamer to my Audison Bit Ten D and then into my amplifiers.

I started out using the wiring made by the previous owner of the car, and ended up with alternator whining in the speakers.

Redid all wires very carefully and following all the rules.

Still alternator whining.

The only thing I was unsure of, was ground for the Bit Ten D and the 3 RCA cables going to the amps, so I replaced the RCA's and made a new solid ground for the Bit Ten D.

Still alternator whining....

And, after the power was taken from the Bit Ten D, I have to crank up the volume real high in order to hear anything, and it sure does not sound too good.

What to do? Where would you look? And what would you look for?

Thank you! ;-)
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