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Iphone 6 not connecting

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Went out last nite and bought a iphone6 plus last nite. I had a iPhone 5s and the 6 will not connect via Bluetooth to my Kenwood dnx 691hd. Says it is but iPod does not work and when using the pandora function on HU I get sound but no display. Anyone run into this problem. Might just take it back and get my phone back
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Did both on phone and HU. I went through setup on HU again and now have Pandora working and IPod on phone reading but when playing music on IPod part of phone it acts like it is skipping. Music plays then stops then plays again. going to try restoring phone in Itunes.
Got it working. Did a reset on HU and re paired phone then all connection problems solved. The skipping part on the iPod part of phone was because the Dsp was sensing clipping and shutting the unit down. The new phone must have a higher output than my 5s did. Thanks for all the help
Doubt it. Mine does it with an AMAS, which has nothing to do with the analog inputs. And also some songs will skip, and then not skip if i play it again immediately. I'm still guessing quirks with iOS, because it did not do it prior to the recent iOS update.
Ok maybe skipping was a bad choice to describe what was happening. The music was cutting in and out and after adjusting the input on the 6 to 8 it worked fine. So the output of the 6 plus must be just a little higher than my 5s and was and causing the HU to clip and that caused the 6 to 8 to go into protect. I have read about the probllems with IOS 8.1.2 have problems with the ipod part of the phone but I am not seeing any problems with the 6 or with my 5s
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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