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Hi guys , I'm new here , and if my topic isn't where it should be , please excuse me , and move it.
So , my problem is that my iPod doesn't charge, i found that the problem is in the cable , and I really need it charged for tomorrow (GMT + 00 , and it's 12 pm ) . So , I can't go to any sore , as they are closed , and I need to fix it.
Can you give some sort of image that show where are the places for the USB molex things , because now they are just out of the thing that i should put in the iPod.

I tried searching with Google and i found this :

Although it is helpful , it won't show me the places for the USB +/- , and I can't orientate my self.
I will be very thankful to everyone who helps me :) !
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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