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Is Phoenix Gold still a good solid amp manufacturer

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I am still in the market for a 6-channel amplifier. I almost bought a Gladen XS75C6 but that deal fell through. I, now, have my sights on a Phoenix Gold SX2 1200.6.

I know PG used to be a pretty good amp manufacturer. But, I've read that they may have gone downhill quite a bit over the years. The price of the SX2 1200.6 seems to be too good to be true. I can get it for under $500. But, I don't want to dish out any money for an amp that may die on me a year from now. So, should I trust Phoenix Gold and this SX2 1200.6?

I am, also, looking at the Alpine R-A90S, but it is $600 and a lot less powerful. But, it is Alpine and I think I can trust Alpine to produce a reliable amp. I am not sure I can be so trustful with Phoenix Gold.

What do you guys think of Phoenix Gold and of what do you think of the SX2 1200.6 6-channel amplifier?
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I'd grab the alpine if you have a space requirement. pretty sure PG is still well regarded.
If you want a big class AB you could look at us acoustics/SSA

same amp

another idea, less power but has some DSP features if you need those.

This guys is pretty sexy, imo
Well, Lithium, I ended up purchasing the US Acoustics Lanna. Thanks for the recommendations. I am almost absolutely positive that SSA amp is a Lanna with a different nameplate. Since it was only about $5 less than the Lanna, I chose the Lanna to be on the safe side.

Did a lot of research and a lot of checking. I think I made a very good choice. It's a big and HEAVY amp. But, I have the room for this goliath. I can't wait to get it!!!
I'm pretty sure the SSA is the same. I used to hang around the SSA forum a bit back in the day. GL with the amp. If I had the space I'd probably get one as well.
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