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This is only a recommendation to get you in the ballpark (as requested) so don’t take this a gospel. For tweeters high-pass at double the fs at minimum. Midranges high-pass at 1.5 the fs. and low-pass at the tweeters high-pass point. Mid-bass can be high-passed as low as their fs, but if you have a subwoofer, high-pass them at 80Hz. Let you subwoofer handle everything below 80Hz, though if you’re following most automotive house curves, you may want to underlap the crossover points between the subwoofer and mid-bass.

You’ll want to keep all of your low-pass point below beaming point if each driver, except the tweeter, which will play up to it’s limit.

I personally try to get all (most of) of the vocal range out if one driver (pair), so I’ll try to run miss from 250 - 3000Hz of so. By doing this, I don’t have lower vocals pull downward to where my midbasses are.

Thank you for sharing this info. I am not as far along as the OP but I am at the same point with my new RF DSR1 connected to my existing amps and speakers. You have given me a place to start. Below is my long winded thread.

Old guy, old car, been upgrading it with cheap gear for...
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