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Not really, but I did just get a shipment in and I have a few questions...

Ok, I bought the (2) Arc FD2200 amps so I could biamp my Clarus C61-2 components using HAT's L2X crossover. At the time that I purchased everything, I was planning on running one amp on the mids (100x2), and one amp on the tweets (gains set for 75x2). I read recently that no matter how much power you throw at a tweeter, it will only use say 10w of what you give it. Of course, I read this AFTER I bought everything, and I am wanting to know you all's opinion on if this is true.

I will be running my stock HU in a 08 G35 with Bose/navigation. I will be using and Audio Control LC2i to grab the balanced signal before the amplifier. A member here used an RTA on our stock HU's and the signal is flat with no processing before it (all processing is done at the amplifier).

My question is, if it is true that my tweeters will only use 10w of whatever I send it, would it be advisable to bridge both amps and run them L/R for headroom, but set the gains down to say 200w RMS? Doing this, you can run jumpers on the passive crossovers to bypass the biamp mode.

For processing, I will be studying the miniDSP and will probably go that route a little later. At that point, I will be probably go back to the original plan of running the mids on one amp, and tweets on the other. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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