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It's been a while, time for a new install

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I recently picked up a new (to me) car, a 2010 Mini Cooper Clubman and it's got the base audio which sucks, fortunately I've got a bunch of stuff sitting around the garage and my wife is encouraging me to install a stereo (yes, she has a sister, no she's not cool like this one).

My main goal is to not hack up the car, I want the speakers behind factory grills or in factory tweeter pods and I NEED to retain most of my cargo area.
Fortunately the Clubman has a LOT of space in the hatch compared to a normal Cooper and I do have a spare tire well.
I expect I'll be putting in a false floor, if only to give my wife's dogs a flat hatch floor so that will give me a bit more space to work with.

I'm not looking to blow minds or win competitions, I just want cleaner sound and some accessories. My source is chosen but it is not capable of running active so the first question is do I go active with my Kenwood KAC-X4R or use passives with another amp?
I'm still on the fence and I don't know why, it should be a simple choice.

-Pioneer AVH-X2500BT
I've got my Metra dash kit and access ASWC-1 and antenna adaptor.
I've got some nice Monster 4 channel RCAs and a not too crappy 2 channel for the sub.

Amps: I'm leaning towards the Kenwood and Pioneer under the seats but the Alpine would make a cleaner install.
-Kenwood KAC-X4R - 4x100 watts and IIRC capable of high pass on 2 channels and bandpass on the other two channels, it also has some time delay but would require a second amp for the sub.

-Pioneer PRS-D2200T - 2x150 watts or 1x600 watts. Nice beefy full range, if it was a 4 channel that would make my choice even harder.

-Alpine PDX-5 - 4x75 watts + 1x300 watts rated, birthsheet says 4x127 and 1x412. Not capable of running active but a nice clean single amp install.

Speakers are really up in the air right now, I've got a couple component sets kicking around and they're decent for components but I'm not afraid of raw drivers if I go active.

-Alpine Type-X components - A couple years old but they still sound great. The ring radiator tweeters are tiny and will mount in the factory A-pillar tweeter pods which I'll have to buy if I go this route.

-AVI BSM160 components - I haven't used them in a while but I remember them sounding a bit better than the Alpines. One of the mids has a crack in the plastic basket and I need to fix that before I use them and the tweeters are HUGE so I would have to mount them in the door panel mid-range spots.

-Peerless HDS mids and Seas tweeters - I think I'll have trouble mounting the mids without hacking up the doors.

After doing some reading I'm considering going with the Aurasound 2" whisper full range paired with a decent mid but again, these would have to go into the door panel mid-range mount. People seem to be really mixed on putting tweeters in this location on Minis but I haven't seen anyone who's installs I'm familiar with mention putting a full range in there. Any opinions?
Or should I just buy em and find out?

I guess I should cliff notes this for the TL;DR crowd.

Source: Pioneer AVH-X2500BT
Amps: Kenwood KAC-X4R and a sub amp OR Alpine PDX-5
Speakers: I dunno, read the post :)

Thanks for your help!
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