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These are on sale again in B&H's "Mega Deal Zone" for just a few more days.

They are $199 Each, BUT you can apply a Coupon at Checkout to Save $115 for Each One that you buy!

That makes a PAIR of these $168.00 with FREE Expedited Shipping. :)

You will have to pay Sales Tax for your state if it applies.

These are great to use for a small home audio reference system or even for the garage/workshop.

JBL 306P MK II Powered Studio Monitors - B&H 72 Hour Mega Deal Zone

EDIT: The older/original and smaller version of these (JBL LSR305) are also On Sale for $79.00 EACH...
$158.00 per PAIR with FREE shipping!

JBL LSR305 5.25" 2-Way Powered Studio Monitors - $79 Each @ B&H Mega Deal Zone
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