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Does anybody know what's going on with the JBL/Infinity amps that do 100w per channel @ 4 ohms and 120w per channel @ 2 ohms? Doesnt have to be personal experience, could be something you heard/read online.

JBL GTR-102, GTR-104, Stadium 4, Infinity Kappa Four, K2, K4, etc

I have the JBL GTR-102 to be exact. Seems to be nowhere near 100w per ch. More in the 20w area.

I saw this on a YT video. He claims his Infinity 704a(70w per ch) was 13dB louder than his Infinity K4(100w per ch). Odd and makes no sense. But you cant blindly trust rando's online.


I asked somebody that I have seen in forums a lot that is an installer. So I trust him much more.

Really wanting to pull the trigger and get a different amp.
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