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I am trying to squeeze the last bit of performance out of my MS8. So last night I spent about a hour listening to songs while quickly switching from All Seats to Front Seats settings.

The only thing that I have ever read was that Gary Biggs used the front seat setting. I assumed this was because he bi-amped the front, the judges only listen in the front seats and had a 5.1 system.

My SUV has 3 rows of seating and I have my system set up in 7.1. Speaker locations: Center, front doors, rear doors and behind the 3rd row seats.

As far as I what I heard: The All Seat setting seemed a little louder. The Front Seat only setting had more ambiance sound and my soundstage seemed a wider. I don't know why this was like that but the differences depended on the songs. Needless to say, I preferred the Front Seat only setting.

Does anyone have any more information on the differences between the two settings?
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