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JBL Synchros S700 headphones NEW

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Product Brand & Model:

JBL S700

Condition of all items:


Total Price: :
175 delivered CONUS.

Shipping Terms: :

priority mail included.

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Additional info:

I`ve got these for myself but decided I like my other cans better due to fitting issues. I have a big head and these just too tight. They sound great with 50mm/2" drivers. there is plenty reviews online you can read.
They also weight 13 OZ too heavy for my liking due to cast aluminum bodies and metal spring band.
I tried them on for half an hour and put them back in leather case. All cables manuals/papers included, never touched I used cable from another headphones to try these, that red one on one of the pic.


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evening bump for awesome headphones.
Sunday bump.
Monday bump, a lot of interest no money yet.
Excellent seller... bump
Thanks man! How`s your tube amp? need headphones for it?
170 Saturday
Monday bump
Love the tube amp.... dont need any cans.
Rockin grado sr80's and sony mdr- xb500's w/jds cmoy

What are your feelers on the jbl's.
PM me if need be
JBL sounds great, very nice articulated bass, biggest 50mm drivers available.
Life stage thing sounds very interesting.
amazon has raving reviews and price tag $272
Mine just as new but without factory outer box.
Only selling because my head is too big.
160 last price drop before ebay.
Sold on ebay in 20 minutes and $25 more.
1 - 14 of 16 Posts
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