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I am looking at a double or quadruple custom doorboard from Jehnert for my 2001 BMW 330i sedan. Refer to www . Here are my questions for those who have experience with this line.

Does the quadruple system sound better than the double? How so?

Does the quad system sound balanced through the frequency range, or is it overly heavy with midbass in a good or bad way?...given eight midbass drivers paired with only 2 midrange and 2 tweeters.

Will I need a sub if I have the quad system? I was thinking of using a 10 inch sub, that I own, in my trunk but would be happy to save that trunk space.

The specs on the midbass from Jehnert are listed as only going down to 49Hz. Will these be able to play down to 30Hz? And how well?

Will i need a rear stage if I have the quad system? I think I like having front and back speakers, and surround sound. I haven't hear a good enough front stage only system to convince me to go on front, yet. But I am open to the idea.

Jehnert refers to a speaker package for the rear, more as a special order, but not any info on it. Does anyone know what this includes, how it would install, and how it would complement their front system?

Does the Jehnert doorboard affix to the plastic shell of the door or affix deeper to the sheet metal of the door? And either way, is the doorboard secured solid enough to handle 5 drivers hitting hard? I am a bit skeptical of this.

Last question...for those with personal do the double and quad systems from Jehnert sound compared to other car speaker systems on the market?

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