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A little background on how Jesse aka killahsharksjc came to work for me. As you know, finding good people in this industry is incredibly hard...this is part of the reason why i stayed in my own garage and worked by myself for long, but with the expansion of the shop, there was no choice but to hire more people. I first met jesse many many years ago, when he was a diyma member and had built his own system at his house and wanted me to check it out and troubleshoot it. I looked at the install and while i can tell that it is done by someone with somewhat limited experience and very little access to major tools, there was something that immediately caught my eye: the mounting of the components and the wiring especially, were done to a really good standard. and to me, that means a ton, and i think skills and experiences can be gained, but a person is either born with attention to detail or without...and this was a very textbook definition of that scenario.

so after the shop opened, Joey and I took Jesse on, and he started literally from the bottom, first just helping us sweep floors and clean up, and then gradually stepped up to basic wiring and sound proofing. To our delight, he did not have any bad habits that other more "seasoned" professionals may have already come with, and he soaked up the knowledge well..and gradually was able to do even a full install with gentle guidance from one of us.

So a few months ago, i had been working non stop it seemed like for over a year, and really needed a break. So a short vacation to Portland was planned...and i also decided that this was a great opportunity to give jesse a full project to do on his own, completely without any guidance or help from me other than laying down some initial goals.

pretty confident but still a bit nervous as i have never done this before, i left and this is what i found when i came back a few days later :)

lets get started on the car itself...a 2006 honda accord coupe.

the customer came to us with preexisting install in his car that he wasnt happy with. the install itself wasnt very clean and the sound wasnt to his liking at all. at first we discussed changing out equipment, but i look at at what he had and convinced him that with just an addition of a full DSP and a full reinstall, the car will sound night and day different than before. I wasnt sure if i convinced him of that but nonetheless he gave us the car with the following goals:

1. to achieve a much improved level of sound quality while reusing original equipment, a mosconi 4to6DSP was the only add on.

2. maintain the low key and simple appearance on the interior

3. remove spare but maintain all usable cargo space and a full stealthy look in the trunk

this is a good test for Jesse because accord fake floor builds are never that straightforward, the spare tire well is shallow and by no means flat, and neither is the top addition, he would have to work with gear that the customer provided versus ones he is more familiar with and will need to fix anything he finds from the previous install.

so anyway, lets get started:

first up is the headunit, which is a customer provided pioneer 80prs, it is installed in the lower pocket location and used only for its signal, no onboard processing was used.

what jesse did do was to thoroughly clean up the messy wiring behind the unit from the previous install

for the front stage, the customer gave us a mix match set of audison/hertz tweeters and midbass. since the tweeters were too large to fit underneath the stock top of the dash grille, jesse molded in a spacer piece and then turned the stock tweeter grilles into a mount for the new tweeters. he texture coated them after much sanding and prepping:

these were wired up and reinstalled back into the car:

the front midbass went into the lower door location. this is what we found when we pulled the door panel off. the entire panel was covered with cld, but it was applied loosely and went beyond the door card:

jesse cleaned up the excess cld damper, fabricated a new set of adapter rings, bolted them to the door using rivet nuts, ran new speaker wires into the door and applied some blackhole tiles to the outter door panel,

the audison (or was it hertz i cant remember haha) midbass was then wired up and bolted in place, and some more stinger CCF went onto areas where the door made contact with the door card:

while additional CLD went onto the inside of the door card as well:

the same procedure was then repeated on the driver side:

Jesse took out all the old wiring and reran new cables, this time neatly ziptied and bundled to the stock harness every few inches:

and also fully sound proofed the rear deck:

so thats it for the interior. moving onto the trunk. so here is the normal view with everything closed up. as you can see, all the trunk space has been retained, a new center floor section has a single cutout in it. the picture makes the difference between the stock carpet and the new carpet seem more different than they really are, its is darker but not too bad as the stock honda carpet is really hard to match:

pop the center grille off and here is what you see. a single arc audio 10" sub and an alpine pdx 5 channel amp trimmed in black vinyl, very simple and clean. the alpine powers the front stage with 4x100 watts, and sends 500 watts to the sub, i was delighted to see that he added a little extra touch to the shape of the cutout as well. :)

onto some build pics:

first jesse fully soundproofed the spare tire well:

and then taped up the area and built a semi enclosure frame around the area where the subbox will be:

several layers of fiberglass was applied, forming the bottom of the enclosure, and then he topped it off and cut out the mounting hole:

then a platform was built infront of the enclosure, bolted to the well using rivetnuts, and housed the alpine amp along with the mosconi 4to6 at the proper height and orientation, and then stuffed the enclosure with blackhole stuff:

next, the arc sub was wired up and installed, and everything else tidied up. the area around the arc sub was painted black so no bare mdf would show through on the top flush mount trim panel:

here are the trim, top floor and grille pieces before upholstery, and test fitted:

and here is they are after upholstery:

and the top carpeted floor pieces were dyed to be a slightly lighter shade of grey to better match the stock carpet:

so thats you can imagine, i am super happy with how this solo project turned out...i looked though everything after i got back and truth be told, there wasnt anything that i would have done differently. its a very nice feeling to know now there is another guy in the shop that i can fully trust to do his own thing while maintaining the high standard of SiS :)

as for how it sounds...honestly even though i had promised a much improved sound quality, i myself was a bit surprised at just how good this car was after some tuning. the imaging is really precisely centered, with excellent height and even width, depth was right at the edge of the windshield, and tonally it was extremely balanced, with nice detailed and airy highs, good solid midbass impact and very controlled bass. i know i have preached a lot that a system is so much about the install and tuning and less about the gear, but i really didnt expect this one to sound this good. usually, on more simple oem location builds, i tend to have something that reserve that i say, i wish this part would be slightly better, but honestly, taken into perspective of what this build was, i was extremely happy with almost zero reservations.

anyway, thats it for now...cheers! :)


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As a 7th gen Accord owner, I'm happy to see a clean SQ build that's fairly simple. Great job!
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