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JL 10W1V2 vs. Exile XT10

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First off, I now have both, but the JL is in the car. Before I swap, anyone care to guess what the subjective difference will be? .6cf sealed box, downfiring on 250w. When I put it in Wed, I'll report. I know, it's not an exciting debate, but I'm easily entertained.
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Be sure to report back. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts. :)
my experince with the xt10 is very good, i feel for its class and size, its pretty accurange, very good transients, and acutally very good impact for such a small sub.

the w1, having installed a few, i feel prolly is equal to it on output maybe slightly better? slightly slightly better bottom end extension, but i dont feel its as accurate, impactful and tonally good as the xt.

but you are comparting two different subs essentially, a normal entry level design and a compact ultra thin design.

personally, compared to all the other thin subs i have tried, in this price range, i really enjoy the xt10
I'm still not exactly sure why I got the Exile except to try something new. No dealers nearby so I ordered direct. Real helpful guys, customer service was great.
So what were the test results..I notice you have the Exile up for sale now, does that answer the question as to which you like better?
yeah, I would like to know as well. I'm about to use 2of these in my current install. I know tjis is an old thread but would appreciate the input. I've already talked to Bing and got his opinion. But the more viewpoints the better.
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