For sale is a JL 13w6v2 and a ported enclosure. The driver is in perfect functioning condition. The original surround is still in perfect condition as well. Cosmetically the driver is in good condition. The only flaws are some scratches on the cone. It does have the trim ring which is rare to see on these. This driver is very at home in fairly small enclosures for the output capability and SQ it has. It will outperform many 15 inch woofers in enclosures meant for a 12 inch. I have had this woofer for nearly 10 years at this point and it has seen very little use. It's just a little too big for most of the stuff I do in cars and it has been sitting in my living room for the majority of its life not even hooked up to an amp. It's become quite an expensive decoration and it's ready to move onto a new home. The enclosure is 1.5 inch MDF with a chip guard coating. It could use some touch-up, but it's basically a free accessory that comes with the driver. The internal volume is 2.5 ft3 tuned to something like 28-30hz I believe. It is fairly large and very heavy. Combined with the driver it's probably over 100lbs. Dimensions are 20hx18wx20d.

Okay, so currently the only two 13w6v2 subs I can find online for sale are $450+shipping and $1000 (not realistic). Based on the recent sales of 12w6v2s on the bay which generally range from $300-600 I've decided $400+shipping is going to be the price.

These are really hard to find, at least where I live. I don't remember the last time I saw one on craigslist or Facebook. With that in mind, if you're looking for one of these, I'd probably not hesitate because I don't plan on lower the price anytime soon and you may have trouble finding another one if someone else grabs it first. I may be biased because I'm selling it though lol.