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jl 450/4

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why are all my threads being sent to mods to be approved? im probably the oldest username on this entire site...

and before you ask, i have way more than 5 posts. for some reason during a site transition it reset my post count but kept my join date.
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the main reason im here, is to complain about the ridiculous amount of spam and junk mail i get from this site. i havnt even been here in over 3 years and i get 3 emails a week. no, i dont care about the diyma giveaway. no, i dont care about the specials. no, i dont care about any of the nonsense you send me. if i cared, i would see it on the front page when i viewed the website, which i dont, because i dont care. stop with the junkmail. this is the absolute worst i have ever seen. jesus christ.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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