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I've been rebuilding my system over the last few weeks and am considering putting 2 6.5" JL 6w3v3s in custom fiberglass kick panel enclosures because I would like a better sound stage. Since these subs are relatively new I have been having a hard time finding any good reviews on them. I was wondering what other people thought about these subs. I don't need them to go very low; I just want something to give me a little more in the 80-150hz range.
Currently I have an Alpine IDA-X100 HU, Alpine 6.5" Type-R components in the front, Alpine 5.25" Type-R coaxials in the rear, 2 Diamond Hex Pro 10 inch subs, an Alpine PDX-4.100, and 2 Alpine PDX-1.600s in a 1998 Toyota 4runner.
I plan on putting the 2 w3s on a PDX-2.150 amp. I am not a big JL fan but I think these subs would suite my needs. I have also been looking at the Focal 13WS and some CDT mid basses as well.
Any input will be greatly appreciated.
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