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Need to sell one of my 12W6V2-D4's. It's in decent cosmetic shape, I'd give it an 8 out of 10. Slight impression on the cone (was there when I bought it from the original owner) and a couple dings out of the replaceable plastic ring that drops into the subwoofer basket. Functionally a 10 out of 10, no issues.

I bought this sub as part of a pair and I've never needed more than one, the driver up for sale has just been sitting here in my study since last summer. I've decided to hold onto the second woofer that was used in my car for now with the thought of doing a HT sub at some point. Currently running the OZ ME 10" in the car and am happy with it and the space requirement, so this great JL subwoofer is looking for a new home.

I'm sure if you are reading this, you know what you are looking at and what it's worth.

$225 delivered in the Continental US. I've sold a half-dozen items in the last three weeks on DIYMA, any of the buyers should be able to vouch for the accuracy of my descriptions and the quality of my packaging. My eBay feedback is 1181/100%.

I'm posting a better deal here first before I go with Craig's or eBay at $250.

I hate to let this driver go, thought I would use the pair in a HT sub, but my work has now cut overtime and I am funding my project truck by selling non-essential audio gear that I've collected.

Denver residents are welcome to make arrangements to check the sub out and pick it up without shipping.

Send me some PM's!

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