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We recently redid my Audi. And in the process, a bunch of things changed. One of the biggest changes was going from a Pair of Phoenix Gold Titanium 10” Drivers to a pair of JL Audio 13TW5 drivers.

Before going with the JL Drivers, I tested a BUNCH of “thin” drivers from almost everybody. My overall problem was that in getting the subs thin, they sacrificed the ability for the subwoofer to play very well at very low frequencies. Most of them felt more like oversized mid bass drivers, playing awesome in the 45-50hz range, but not much below that. That made them great for Rock and Rap, but horrible for Sound Quality Competition or accurate reproduction of sound.

So in talking to Manville Smith of JL, my choices where narrowed to one 13W6 woofer or two 13TW5 woofers. We went the dual woofer route with a Phoenix Gold MS2125 bridged to each sub. (So roughly 200 wattsper channel at 14 volts at 4 Ohms, resulting in between 500 and 700 or so watts to each subwoofer.) We crossed them over low. Very low. They are crossed over in the 36 Hz range with a STEEP crossover from Alpine F #1 PHI-H990. The box is .79 Cubic Feet with some Acoustical Foam on the inside and a plexiglass back.

So after playing with them for several months, all I can say is WOW. These subs rock. Even if you don’t have space constrains, these subs should be on your list of subs to look at. They will play my 16hz pipe organ with ease and will slam to rock and rap when you want them to. On the pipe organ, they still sound musical without sounding like something is buzzing in my trunk.

They blend in nicely to the Alpine F#1 Mid Bass. They never seem forced or overworked, but rather take everything thrown at them with grace.

The biggest complement I can say is that after listening to the car, everybody is astonished when they see how thin the subs actually are. Everybody is expecting to see the trunk eaten up for the amount of bass produced.

If you are looking for a ported enclosure, I have no idea how they sound…

• Great Sound Quality
• Great Output
• Small Enclosure
• Pricier than “Thick” Subs
• Lower Power handling than “Thick” Subs.
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