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Hey Guys,
Having some issue with my car stereo. Firstly this is my system.

Alpine IDA-X305s Head Unit
Alpine PXA-H100 Sound Processor
JL Audio XD400/4
JL Audio 500/1v2
JL Audio C2-600
JL Audio C2-600x
JL Audio 13tw5

Now the problems that I am experiencing are as follows:
Firstly the 13tw5/ JL 500/1 doesn't seem to power on until the volume is very high. And if it's in between it will come on for very short bursts. This is highly annoying and I can't seem to work out why. Input voltage currently set to low, and the Input Sensitivity set to around half way.

Secondly. I can't seem to get 4-channel working on the 400/4. When on 4 channel mode, the rear left speaker doesn't work... I've checked this buy plugging in a different cable and different speakers, all with the same outcome. So I'm pretty convinced this is an amp problem. Just wondering if anyone had experienced a similar problem.
Edit: Should add that in 2-channel mode, all 4 speaker work correctly. But would like to have 4 channel abilities if possible.

And finally, I was contemplating getting the JL Audio 900/5 to save space and possibly resolve my issues. But I was wondering if anyone else has used this amp to power the 13tw5, is this amp overkill? I'm only using the 500/1 with the 13tw5 as I used to use a 12w6v2 but sold my car and had to downsize the sub as I went to a fastback car and needed to boot space.

If you guys need anymore information please ask, I'm very keen to get this issue resolved.

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