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Hi Everyone,

Long time lurker 1st time poster. I am having some issues with my rear left channel on the JL HD 900/5. I had the amp in an outback and it work just fine however, recently purchased a Tesla Model S with base sound system and had it professionally installed. using the line level inputs on the amp. The rear left speaker volume goes weak in and out of various songs randomly on that one speaker. I have read several people have had issues with low voltage and the sub channel not working however, could not find any else running this amp on a Tesla. I took it back to the installer and they tinkered with it for a bit and said the channel is bad. Is there a way to test the channel to see if this is the issue or could it be an install issue?

For example, the fade on the stereo when moved to the rear plays the rear speakers and no sub, however, when you move the fade to the front it plays the fronts and the sub. I am just wondering if the wrong wires were tapped into on the install?

Tesla Model S
JL Audio HD 900/5
JL Audio TW3-D4
custom box in the false floor

Just trying to avoid shelling out another 1200 for amp if its not an amp problem and don't have a way to test myself.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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