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hi guys,

i am back on the forum after a long gap.

1. my first query is about the difference between XD600/6 vs M600/6 ? spec wise both are same. but M series are meant for Marine application. will i be able to use M series [M600/6] in car audio? reason i am asking this is, M600/6 is available at a very good price on ebay when compared to XD600/6.

2. also I am planning to sell my [BNIB] JL Audio Slash 1V2 mono so that i can go for a single amp solution [either XD600/6 or M600/6] - i was running Clarion XH5410 so far which is no more with me. also now i am planning to run my components active.
is it too much of a downgrade from Slash 1v2 vs 2 channels XD600 [apart from the 50W RMS difference].
or is it better to retain to the Slash 1V2 and get another 4 Channel amp?

my probable equipment list: it'll be a tri-mod setup

HU: Pioneer DEH 80PRS [yet to buy]
Components: DLS R6A [installed]
Woofer: Focal P30 [yet to buy]

Amplifier : [need to decide]

suggestions please!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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